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Deep Threes Radio #12 Playlist

Fame-addled diva Lindsay Lohan turned in a performance worthy of the “Best Celebrity Scofflaw Being Held Accountable” award in a real life courtroom drama on Tuesday. However, she was upstaged by the judge who sentenced her to 90 days in jail.

If only Project Robonanny were around sooner. This entry by a group of Russian students in the Image Cup competition plugs the gap of bad parenting with technology. The slide tells the same sob story Lindsay will be handing any modern-day Officer Krupke who will listen.

This edition of Deep Threes offers music suitable for the aftermath of that significant emotional event in your life. We’ll resign ourselves to visiting ruins, exploring rifts, trying Prozac, contemplating our identity and seeing red – all until the next Year Of The Snake in 2013. Good thing we’re playing a lot of long tracks!

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Visiting The RuinsMachaMacha
Sunday On ProzacNeedleEusopus #8: Spam
Everybody Stay CalmAlgernonGhost Surviellance
Saint-Saens: Danse Macabre, Op. 40Gil Shaham, Jonathan FeldmanDevil's Dance
Monk FunkRick FrankYellow Mountain
She Haunts MeErgoMultitude, Solitude
Descarga ElizabethGamelan Son Of LionSonogram
I Am That I AmBrion GysinThe Dial-A-Poem Poets
Year Of The SnakeOsso & Sufjan StevensRun Rabbit Run
Eden RainRafi MalkielWater
2nd Hour
The RiftWeenShinola (Vol. 1)
Something Told UsPacific UVLongplay 2
AtmaAmjad Ali KhanMoksha
San JacintoPeter GabrielSecurity
JoelThe Boo RadleysWake Up!
Somewhere Inside The Red Circle"Blue" Gene Tyranny, Thomas Buckner - VoiceThe Somewhere Songs / The Invention Of Memory
What Was Left Was RedThe Leaving TrainsSleeping Underwater Survivors
Consequent IV - Intentionally Left BlankHans TammenThird Eye Orchestra
Tunnel VisionSunna GunnlaughsThe Dream

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Deep Threes Radio #11 Playlist

Ah, the fabulous American lifestyle. People flock from around the globe to absorb the majestic wonder of a great civilization.

We are truly a nation chocked full of glamour and sophistication. Our large cities are a mecca for tourists and newcomers, all seeking to capture a piece of the American dream.

But is that affable neighbor speaking all too perfect English just another of the B-52’s “Shiny, Happy People” or an agent of a foriegn power, deeply embedded in our society, methodically gathering the details needed for their masters to wreak havoc on our fleet of B-52s, and ultimately our very way of life. The picture within the picture can tell a shocking story…

Take this photograph for example. It may seem like a random shot of a typical afternoon on a typical downtown street. But on closer examination, we see a logo superimposed on the rear window. That’s right! This image is actually a secret message, delivering the news that the Los Angeles Lakers have not won a game since they provoked widespead rioting on June 17th.

There is no stegnography or radiographs hidden in this edition of Deep Threes. Just pretty songs about birds and sunshine. And the latest data on the effect of the moon’s gravity on missle navigational devices. Happy stuff.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
UnitedAlvin QueenMighty Long Way
Rhythm Of CornersFahir AtakogluFaces & Places
The Community Is RelievedDavid ClarkKindly Curious Tales
TriosityHoward LevyTonight And Tomorrow
Lay It DownLee Ritenour's 6 String Theory6 String Theory
The Answer (Featuring Zack Freeman)TuMan ProductionsThe Radio Alchemist
FunkopolisDie WarzauVinyl 88
SangarediArt Ensemble Of ChicagoTribute To Lester
From Now On (Live - Acoustic)STS9Axe The Cables
Tiny OxenThe Bronzed ChorusI'm The Spring
2nd Hour
Save The BirdsHis Name Is AliveHome Is In Your Head
The Funny BirdMercury RevDeserter's Songs
Blue JayDoug CarrollAnimal Sounds
Shapes Falling DownMarc BerracaSubterrane
The Farther One Travels...Deborah Schmit-LobisWhen The Sun Turns North
Waterfowl 2Doug CarrollAnimal Sounds
BuffetWe Have BandWHB
Bird Of PreyThe DoorsAmerican Prayer
Bridget RileyDeath By ChocolateZap The World
SunshineThe PrimitivesThe Primatives
SunshineJaki ByardSunshine On My Soul
SunsetAllen GinsburgThe Lion For Real
Xiyang Xiaogu - Flute & Drum At SunsetWu Man & EnsembleChinese Traditional & Contemporary Music
Pull Of The MoonThe MermenFood For Other Fish
East Of The Sun, West Of The MoonCyrus ChestnutEarth Stories

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Deep Threes Radio #10 Playlist

In honor of the 10th show, I declared “let them eat cake” but in a nice way. This giraffe cake looks yummy and inviting. Her eyes just say “bite me”.

U.S. Army General (maybe not much longer) Stanley McChrystal didn’t eat cake with President Obama after the General and his staff stuck their necks out for a Rolling Stone story. McCrystal is shown here in Afghanistan sans helmet, stepping off a helicopter flown by a National Guard crew from Delaware, the home state of Vice President Joe “Bite Me” Biden.

Members of McCrystal’s entourage are rumored to be taking time out from their 15 minutes of fame to change the address on their magazine subscriptions to General Delivery at Thule Air Base , Greenland, APO AE 09704, where the only Special Ops they will be doing is gathering intel on the icebergs floating by.

There is no famine of music on this week’s show. You’ll sink your teeth into some tasty surfer licks and have a religious experience or two.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Unknown TerritoryDick DaleUnknown Territory
The Rowels Of SpursJuozas MilasiusSlow
ContendaDelta Berimbau BluesChuck Bernstein
ChunderFriends Of Dean MartinezThe Shadow Of Your Smile
NY '79Laika & The CosmonautsCosmopolis
Maria Teresa Teresa MariaLaurie AndersonThe Ugly One With Jewels And Other Stories
AndreasGregory TaylorDua Belas
A Little Library Music / Going To A ShowJon BrionMagnolia
Ruby My DearEric AlexanderMusic Of The Sphere: The Thelonious Monk Songbook
KatelynVince NormanBright Future
2nd Hour
Living On The EdgeDetrimentalXenophobia
Parts UnknownDie HautSweat
Ru486Make MeHouse Of Breaks
Tell Me That I'm Dreaming (Traditional 12" Remix)Was (Not Was)ZE 30 - ZE Records 1979 - 2009
The Mariner's Revenge SongThe DecemberistsPicaresque
Perfect DayThe ConstellationsSouthern Gothic
Go, Billy GoCorvosThe Jinx
Ray GunThe Bird & The BeeRay Guns Are Not Just The Future
Justice Ghost (Dance Mix)Reverend Billy & The Church Of Stop Shopping ChoirThe Shopocalypse
Countdown 2 BreakdownMitch Marcus QuartetCountdown 2 Breakdown

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Deep Threes Radio #9 Playlist

Ah, pizza – a silver bullet for the 21st century. A menagerie of shady characters have used pizza to try to entice me into all manner of schemes from safety patrols to appliance sales. One particularly nefarious group used pizza to try to get me to vote.

President Obama is rumored to have ended his holdout on speaking with BP CEO Tony Hayward after Hayward offered to bring pizza to the White House. BP’s peace offering plan hit a snag when they tried to place an order at the pizza place around the corner from the U.S. Minerals Management Service headquarters in Washington. The joint was no longer serving pizza, just seafood. BP passed.

Looks like BP will need to pony up $20 billion for an escrow fund to cover damages from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Hayward and company are scrambling to find another pizza place to act as the third-party claims processor.

No pizza for Deep Threes today. Just psychedelic rock, blues and electronica piled on top of an extra layer of jazz.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Low-Grade FeverChemlabEast Side Militia
How Is The Weather Up There?Stanley ClarkeThe Stanley Clarke Band
Summer StockJohn VandersliceRomanian Names
Big Jet SkyThe Helio SequenceCom Plex
Hip-Hop CoquettePopulousQueue For Love
Alone With YouJohn Tejada featuring Carl A. WinslowLogic Memory Center
Just The PastPeter, Bjorn and JohnLiving Thing
Dream BrotherBitmapDream Brother: The Songs Of Time and Jeff Buckley
Radio (Battery Fiver Mix)Revolution 9Music By Numbers: Rem1xes + R3ject5
Lootmar (Wind Song)Dave Sharp's Secret SevenSecret Seven
2nd Hour
Premonition - II. ContortedEsbjorn Svensson TrioLeucocyte
Meditation BluesPeter WalkerLong Lost Tapes 1970
Mr. ManifestoD NumbersLightparade
European FlyGoldenGolden
Four On SixBillet-DeuxDeux
Afternoon in School - The Last Lesson (D.H. Lawrence)Tom McGownanPoetic License - 100 Poems, 100 Performers
Chi SauAnni PiperChasin' Tail
Gravely Mountains On The MoonAkron/FamilySet 'Em Wild, Set 'Em Free
Look In On MeJames Jackson TothWaiting In Vain
Chelsea BridgeDavid "Fathead" NewmanThe Blessing

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Photo Credits:
David Hughes CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
tandemracer CC BY 2.0

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Deep Threes Radio #8 Playlist

Almost every visitor to the ultra-swank Deep Threes radio studio, casino and lounge says, “It’s uncanny how much this place reminds me of the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, open now until October 31st!” Indeed, it’s as if the entire enterprise were financed by the country that brought you the 2008 Summer Olympics, or the ill-gotten gain of a slick investment scam.

This edition of Deep Threes chills out with a veritable pyramid scheme of jazz and classical influences with a big payoff going straight to your ears. The musical portfolio is diversified enough to withstand any sudden downturns.

During the second hour, our musical mojo sets sail on the Nile at sunset for a voyage that takes us to where we belong. Each of us hopes that our life’s journey will not take us to prison. But even infamous Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff is still acting like a king.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
L'estiu (The Summer)Planeta ImaginarioBiomasa
Ellison: Invocation - Meditation - Allegro - III. AllegroMichael EllisonInvocation
TikiThe Waitiki 7New Sounds Of Exotica
Jete D'LoMark WeinsteinAlgo Mas
Amb 7Pablo's EyeYou Love Chinese Food
Daugherty: Sunset Strip I. - 7 pmNorth Carolina SymphonyAmerican Spectrum
Catlett Outta The BagMike Clark (Featuring Lenny White)Carnival Of Soul
Long Time No SeePat Metheny / Ornette ColemanSong X
BebaSteve ColemanHarvesting Semblances And Affinities
2nd Hour
Nile SunsetThe Darbuki KingsLawrence Of Suburbia
LonelinessHartley C. WhiteRun The Gauntlet
StayLonesome RomeosSeven Years In Bed
In The Place Of DreamsLutefiskDeliver From Porcelain: Theme And Variations
Pachelbel: Canon And Gigue For 3 Violins And Basso Continuo In D-MinorProgretto AvantiBaroque Illusions
AngelRobin McKelleMess Around
Arms Of The BluesBig John Dickerson & Blue ChamberArms Of The Blues
Red HelicoptersEighty Mile BeachInclement Weather
Late At NightEmmett WheatfallWhen I Was Young
I've Got My Mojo WorkingEddie BurkThis Old Road
I Know Where I BelongJoe BonamassaA New Day Yesterday
In AppreciationGeri Allen & TimelineLive

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Photo Credits:
beelaineo CC BY-NC 2.0
Michael Gwyther-Jones CC BY 2.0

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