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Joe Bonamassa’s “Mountain Time” Live

Joe Bonamassa performing “Mountain Time” at the Royal Albert Hall in 2009. We’ll drown our sorrows together with another of Joe’s live tracks on Deep Threes Radio #1.

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Amirkhanian’s Multiple Sonic Personalities

Sonic Inertia performs the sound poem “Church Car” by Charles Amirkhanian. One person’s high art could be another’s annoying mash-up fodder. Be gentle.

Many of the groundbreaking music programs produced by Charles during his tenure at KPFA can still be heard at the Internet Archives Other Minds Collection. We’ll hear a sound rich piece from his Walking Tune album in the final half-hour of Deep Threes Radio #1.

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Gomez Still Getting (Frequent Flier) Miles

I did a search for Gomez plus “Get Miles”, the track from1998’s Bring It On you’ll hear kicking off Deep Threes Radio #1. At the top of the results were a group of teenagers with way too much kit and even more idle time knocking out slick pop videos. Whatever happened to singing along with eight-tracks?

British band Gomez is still going strong. Here’s a live performance of “Get Miles” in Sydney, Australia in January 2009.

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Miles Davis Agitated, Toddler Voodoo’ed

Here’s a clip from a 1967 German TV appearance by the Miles Davis Quintet (Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, Tony Williams) playing “Agitation” live.

Gerry Gibbs and the Electric Thrasher Orchestra reinterpret the legend’s work on their latest album, Play The Music Of Miles Davis 1967 – 1975. On Deep Threes Radio #1, we’ll hear them bring it on “Double Image / Gemini”.

The next generation of Miles Davis devotees are working on their chops early in life. The proud parent’s slick camera work suspends your disbelief about mixing in “Miles Runs the Voodoo Down”.

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Targeting Grain Belt Beer

The Sound 80 recording studio in Minneapolis was known for pioneering digital recording techniques and recording artists such as Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens through the 1970’s and 80’s. Prince cut an early demo there.

Thes One of People Under The Stars was inspired by Sound 80 co-founder Herb Pilhofer’s Music That Works, a series of albums that expanded on Herb’s commercial jingle work. The vinyl lives in the hands of DJ’s like upstate New York’s FroZone, who’s scratching the Grain Belt Beer jingle in this video.

On Deep Threes radio for April 22, we’ll hear two of Pilhofer’s tracks that were included in Lifestyle Marketing. Here’s a video of Thes One’s remix of a Target commercial from that album.


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