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Living Through A Massive Attack

British production duo Massive Attack fly in with a track from their new album, Heligoland during Deep Threes Radio #2. This bootleg vid is from a 2008 show. One viewer wondered out loud why “Dobro” didn’t make it onto the album.

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Deep Into The Night Is The Place To Be

Japanese jazz piano sensation Hiromi Uehara serves up solos evoked by her world travels on Place To Be. We’ll hear a classically flavored track from her latest album on Deep Threes Radio #2.

From the 2007 project from Hiromi’s Sonic Bloom, Time Control, this is a video of “Deep Into The Night”.

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Chained To The Underground Take On Main Street

Chain and the Gang lend a hipster retro sound that, at first blush, takes the edge off their biting social commentary. We’ll hear them gain musical closure on the major conspiracies of our time during Deep Threes Radio #2. Here’s their recent video “Main Street” and an interview with front man Ian Svenonius.

Speaking of Chain Gangs, here’s a 1930 cartoon sure to bring back fond memories of condescending TV hosts in loud, gimmicky costumes hawking sugar-filled cakes during the late afternoon hours on your local UHF station – back when UHF meant something. Hold on, kiddies! Here’s a cartoon without the fuzzy reception.

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Reverend Glasseye Rings Steve’s “Belle”

Folk rock ensemble Reverend Glasseye have become a fixture on the Austin music scene since making their exodus from Boston and Denver. Here’s the band at a Beerland show last December performing “Howlin’ Jane”.

SolidSteve61 gazes up to the heavens to offer his personal testimony about the power of Glasseye with his acoustic rendition of “Belle’s Palsy”. Just don’t call Steve a bedhead – that’s an armchair in the background!

Reverend Glasseye puts a solid rhythm to their offbeat point of view during the first set of Deep Threes Radio #2.

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Deep Threes Radio #1 Playlist

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Get MilesGomezBring It On
Late Night Phone CallDramaramaHi-Fi Sci-Fi
Gnik NusThe BeatlesLove
I Need You Right AwayFred Hammond featuring Michael BethanyLove Unstoppable
Of Time And Three RiversTime For Three3 Fervent Travelers
You Never Had ItFlobotsFight With Tools
(You Should Be) Doubly (Gratified)Mike DoughtySad Man Happy Man
Thirty OneKarma To BurnWild Wonderful Purgatory
All We NeedInclinedBright New Day
Hammerhead / Never AloneJeff BeckEmotion & Commotion
Double Image / GeminiGerry Gibbs And The Electric Thrasher OrchestraPlay The Music Of Miles Davis 1967 - 1975
Keeping Myself For YouJeff HealyLast Call
2nd Hour
Spaceships Over HaitiDaniel Bernard RoumainWoodbox Beats & Balladry
CheyenneAllison MillerBoom Tic Boom
Other NotLily Maase & The Suite UnravelingMusic For Robots
Slo GinJoe BonamassaLIVE from nowhere in particular
Bleeding HeartJimi HendrixValleys Of Neptune
Juicy Montage (excerpt)Herb PilhoferLifestyle Marketing
Mechanical ObjectsWoody AllenStandup Comic
Vers Les AngesCharles AmirkhanianWalking Tune
Everyday Choices (Fourstones Remix)Colin MutchlerPremixed: Words And Music For A Free Culture
Mobius FlipHerb PilhoferLifestyle Marketing
A Modern ManGeorge CarlinLife Is Worth Losing
Sands Of OutlandSteve PouchieEl Puente

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