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Deep Threes Radio #5 Playlist

The first wave of U.S. party primaries are over and incumbent candidates, Obamacrat and Republican alike, suffered the backlash of the American public. The media diluted the “Super Tuesday” brand to create buzz, but the hype was not needed to draw the attention of an irate and frustrated citizenry. “Uncle Sam”, the greatest superhero of all, prevailed yesterday.

I credit Peter Senge of MIT’s Sloan School of Management with coining the often appropriated maxim, “The harder you push, the harder the system pushes back.” The pendulum of American politics has certainly swung wildly in the past several years.

This edition of Deep Threes offers up a menagerie of Sun Travellers, Bottle Rockets and Flowerheads suitable for your next Mad Tea Party (such as Disneyland’s in the pic). Get ready to stir up the Beehive and Burn The Cat. We even have a soprano who can go all medieval on a moment’s notice…

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Chloe And The PiratesSoft MachineNDR Jazz Workshop – Hamburg, Germany, May 17, 1973
Burn The CatJames and Brian EnoWah Wah
SkywalkerSun TravelersExcursions
Somebody's Calling MeLCD SoundsystemThis Is Happening
BeehiveDr. Lonnie SmithSpiral
Scared / Afro Butt (Interlude)Amp FiddlerAfro Strut
Been Good To YouMississippi HeatLet's Live It Up
Ta Ta Ta Oliver Lake Organ QuartetPlan
2nd Hour
The DumpsIdeal BreadTransmit: Vol 2. The Music Of Steve Lacy
Crossing, WaitingSarah ManningDandelion Clock
EmakhayaHeshoo Beshoo GroupNext Stop... Soweto Vol. 3: The Giants, Ministers & Makers
Little WillieOtis TaylorClovis People, Vol. 3
Stuck In A RutThe Bottle RocketsThe Brooklyn Side
Artemis & ApolloStan Kenton Alumni BandHave Band Will Travel... Live!
ZeitgeistAngles Of Repose: Forlorn AnglesIn Bone-Colored Light
Beauty Wherever You Can Find ItPaul Wertico's Mid-East / Mid-West AllianceImpressions Of A City
Estat Ai En Greu CossirierMontserrat FiguerasLux Feminae 900-1600
UmbriaRoberto OcchipintiA Bend In The River
BluescityJoan StilesHurly-Burly

Thanks for listening!

Photo Credits:
Uncle Sam: Brett Ryan CC BY 2.0
Mad Tea Party: Mastery of Maps CC BY NC 2.0

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It’s Okay – That Was Before We Met

Several artists with long musical resumes grace the soundscape of Deep Threes Radio #5. Master drummer Paul Wertico keeps busy by holding his new Mid-East / Mid-West Alliance together. Here’s part of an improv set that Paul posted from the “Live From Space” DVD.

Paul joined the Pat Metheny Group in 1983. His long and memorable tenure came to an end in 2001, but there was the occasional side job, like this 1986 wedding. June brides take note.

LCD Soundsystem released It’s Happening Now this week – somebody called me and asked to play a long track on the show. Leader James Murphy took a big step towards founding DFA Records when he produced the Law of Ruins album for Six Finger Satellite. Here’s pictures from a tour of some of the Vatican’s deepest recesses set to “Fur Immer Liebe”.

We’ll also hear something from the new live album by the Stan Kenton Alumni Band. Who could they have possibly played with before that gig? Here’s Kenton leading His Orchestra performing “Malaguena” in 1962 on Jazz Scene U.S.A. hosted by Oscar Brown Jr.

“Peanut Vendor” is a Kenton classic. Bull uses it as the soundtrack to show off his many faces (and helmets).

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Everything’s Kabooming Kablooms For Spring

Pulling up the obscurities is all in a day’s work at Deep Threes Radio. For Show #5, we rooted out a track from the 1992 album Ka-Bloom! from pseudo-psychedelic rockers Flowerhead. Here’s a video for the single “Snagglepuss” that might leaf you wondering what was growing in the video editor’s garden…

This next video brings the images evoked by “kAbloom” into the present with the latest editing tools and an ambient chill reverberating through the air.

Flowerhead withered in 1995, going on a hiatus they have yet to return from. Their music, however, blooms anew in the communal imagination of a new generation of fans. Vlogger Dednyz explains how she turned on and tuned in.

If there are any square parents left out there, stop worrying about your kids experimenting with iMovie, then getting hooked on mainlining Final Cut. Remember the alternative, Katy Kaboom…

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Amp Fiddler Simmers, Mississippi Heat Cooks

Detroit-born keyboardist and producer Amp Fiddler funked it up with Parliament/ Funkadelic for over a decade. We’ll groove to a long track from his Afro Strut album on Deep Threes Radio #5. This video of a smoldering BBC Live performance of his 2003 UK hit, “I Believe In You”.

We’ll also hear a new track from Chicago-based blues group Mississippi Heat, off their ninth album, Let’s Live It Up. The next video is a documentary short that takes you backstage with the band. Then, a live performance in Belgium from 1994.

Of course, the heat in Mississippi can be sweltering. The average highs in Jackson, the state capital, creep into the 90’s in July and August. Here’s pictures of a proud mom recording her daughter braving high temps to work her hula hoop.

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Esther Doesn’t Turn Up Nose At Raw Toast

Ever “wonder” what Ideal Bread looks like? The Brooklyn-based jazz group who carry that moniker is adept at dodging the lenses of our usual suspects, but we’ll hear one of their Steve Lacy covers on Deep Threes Radio #5.

So as not to deny you a serving of video, here’s a quick and easy substitute. Raw Toast! – the fresh new bread alternative.

But can the Soft Machine survive on raw toast alone? That is a question left unanswered in this clip from a circa 1970 documentary on the pioneering prog-rock band who took their name from William S. Burroughs’ code for the human body.

Recordings from a 1973 Soft Machine session at the NDR Jazz Workshop have just been released. Gear up to take some of it in on Deep Threes Radio #5. To hold you over, here’s a live rework of “Esther’s Nose Job” from 1970.

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