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Brave New Music World

The Internet makes the world seem smaller because it breaks down the barriers to making connections. Deep Threes Radio #6 brings you music from a quartet and a soloist that discover new ways to fuse genres at a breakneck pace.

Musique Noire is a long time standout on the modern Detroit music scene. Their 2008 album Good Hair showcases their fusion of jazz, funk and global influences. See what it’s all about in this live performance of “Fly”.

Pianist Jade Simmons pushed the boundaries of classical music in new directions on her album Revolutionary Rhythm. She embraced hip-hop influences in her recording of a Daniel Bernard Roumain composition.  Tania Leon’s “Ritual” unleashes Jade’s powerful playing style in this video.

Jade’s journey included a brush with immortality as the first runner-up in the 2000 Miss America pageant. She introduces herself to a group of young performers in this video. Jade explains how she was drawn to the piano and how the piano sent her in unexpected directions.

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Marching Fourth Into The Hands Of God

Since being founded on Fat Tuesday 2003, the Portland based MarchFourth Marching Band has given up matching uniforms and shiny new instruments for the redemption found in a captivating sound circus-like stage show. Their new album, Rise Up, evokes the New Orleans sound and we’ll hear a track during Deep Threes Radio #6.

Here’s a taste of MarchFourth’s set at Burning Man last year. Then the band lurks in the shadows on the video for “Pilo Erect”.

Let’s move from the dark and creepy to the bright and disaffected. New Yorker Matt Marks talks with Corey Dangle about his campy pop opera album The Little Death: Vol. 1, out this week. Oh my God, we have a killer track cued up for you.

We didn’t have to cast a wide net for your obligatory DIY cover videos. Matt and partner in crime Melissa Hughes have posted several taken from their show “The Melly & Mafoo Variety Hour”. You could call it a cabaret act, the term sometimes used by performers who want to impress the folks back home with how well they are doing in the Big Apple.

Here’s Matt and Melissa with a finger snapping foyer performance of The Magnetic Fields’ “Yeah, Oh Yeah”. Then they go where Julia Nunes would not dare with Matt on ukulele for “Straight Up”. Simon?

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Crush Of Resurrected Celebrities And Their Hairlines

On the third day of preparing Deep Threes Radio #6(66), we resurrected a long-hidden gem from Low Pop Suicide’s “The Death Of Excellence”. Here’s the video for Life and Death from that album, followed by Crush from 1992’s “On The Cross Of Commerce”.

Crush’s lyrics evoke nursery rhymes. Ian Anderson and his circa-1991 only slightly receding hairline is here to help you come down from the psychedlic flashback. He fronts Jethro Tull performing Mother Goose / Jack-A-Lynn in Istanbul.

Just in case you expected to curl up with a blankie and watch cartoons, here’s a ultra-retro Hollywood spoof of that mother.

I can’t tell what language the subtitles are in, but I’m going to e-mail some friends the transcript just to see if it slips past their spam filters…

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