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Bringing The Corrupt To Poetic Justice

On New Year’s Day in 1976, Ed Flanders recorded a spoken word piece (“poem”) that promoted government accountability (“investigating fat cats”) for the Totally Corrupt collection on the Giorno Poetry Systems label. Hearing it again 35 years later, we can see just how much the venerable institutions of our society have evolved (“not at all”). Listen for yourself on Deep Threes Radio #3.

Charles Bukowski also ran with the Giorno crowd. He provided the narration for this little L.A. art film, reading “Something For The Touts, The Nuns, The Grocery Clerks, And You”.

Peter Eigen, founder of the global watchdog group Transparency International, offered up his rough guide to rooting out corruption recently at a TEDTalks session. Is the fact that this vid was posted on April Fool’s Day part of bigger conspiracy?

Bob offers up his wisdom (“libertarian rhetoric”) on the subject for the One Minute Manager types in this clip from the venerable and popular Drinking with Bob series.

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I Wanna Be Your Live Dog Trick

The new Legacy Edition of Raw Power marks The Stooges 2010 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Previously unreleased recordings of a 1973 Stooges show in Atlanta set the Legacy Edition apart from the 1997 reissue. We’ll hear one of those seminal punk jams on Deep Threes Radio #3.

Here’s video from the 1970 Cincinnati Pop Festival that captures front man Iggy Pop in all his frenetic glory performing “TV Eye”. The TV announcer in this clip is a total square.

Compare the shaky camera work from the audience of a 2007 show in Tel Aviv to the shots the pros got back in 1970. Here’s “I Wanna Be Your Dog”.

If you want to be someone’s dog, try borrowing a real pup for bait. Alexander Skarsgard (HBO’s True Blood, back 6/13 in US) posits that canines spell “babe magnet” in any language in the 2002 Swedish film Hundtricket (The Dog Trick). Here’s a heavy dose, with subtitles, of the romantic comedy missing from those It’s Me Or The Dog reruns.

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Deep Threes Radio #2 Playlist

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Boy From Lawrence CountyThe Felice BrothersYonder Is The Clock
God Help You Dumb BoyReverend GlasseyeSXSW 2006 Showcase
Deathbed ConfessionChain and the GangDown With Liberty... Up With Chains!
Death Is NearCalopoBest Record In The World (Part II)
Ode To Jack versus Scent Of DeathHunter S. Thompson / Elliot GoldenthalKicks Joy Darkness / Interview With The Vampire (soundtrack)
This Is HellElvis CostelloBrutal Youth
Visual MachineProject TrioProject Trio
Wrecking BallMick RossiSongs From The Broken Land
Burman: Aaj Ki RaatZakir Hussain and Kronos QuartetKronos Caravan
Sonata Lunaris I. Night PrayersJohn Fitz RogersOnce Removed
Place To BeHiromiPlace To Be
ImprevistoThelema TrioNeither From Nor Towards
2nd Hour
SustainabilityMorgantj remix of
Atlas AirMassive AttackHeligoland
Mr. BigGov't MuleLive... With A Little Help From Our Friends
Push The LimitsEnigmaThe Screen Behind The Mirror
Psalm 100Brian BladeMama Rosa
Just ImaginingsWendy CarlosBeauty In The Beast
Drops Of MercuryRichard BarbieriThings Buried
Les KoboldsUniversZeroClivages

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Living Through A Massive Attack

British production duo Massive Attack fly in with a track from their new album, Heligoland during Deep Threes Radio #2. This bootleg vid is from a 2008 show. One viewer wondered out loud why “Dobro” didn’t make it onto the album.

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Deep Into The Night Is The Place To Be

Japanese jazz piano sensation Hiromi Uehara serves up solos evoked by her world travels on Place To Be. We’ll hear a classically flavored track from her latest album on Deep Threes Radio #2.

From the 2007 project from Hiromi’s Sonic Bloom, Time Control, this is a video of “Deep Into The Night”.

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