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Dog Whispering Poetry Vlog Jazz

Vibes player Bobby Hutcherson pops out of the time machine with a track from 1965’s Components for Deep Threes Radio #4. We’ll hear one of drummer Joe Chamber’s avant-garde compositions that still has a lot of bite. Hutcherson’s contributions stood in stark contrast, with a more identifiable hard-bop feel. Here’s a 1989 performance of one of those tracks, “Little B’s Poem”.

We’ll also hear from Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers from “Three Blind Mice, Vol. 1”. Art and his revolving lineup of Messengers could be smooth before it became a buzzword. From 1958, this is a long version of “Whisper Not”.

Danish vlogger “DanishVlog” (how do you think I figured it out?) has earned herself a small but steady following by whispering her way through 170 videos. The writers of the Shakespeare in Love screenplay observed that a bit with a dog is the key to commercial success. So this video got the nod over a hushed reading of “The Wind In The Willows” – but not by much.

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Flobots Setting The World On Fire, You Can Too

Denver’s Flobots fuse rock, classical and hip-hop influences with socially relevant lyrics that would make Woody Guthrie proud. They have also forged a mix of community organizing and empowerment into a flourishing non-profit.

We’ll hear a track from the Flobot’s latest album Survival Story on Deep Threes Radio #4. Here’s video of a stripped down version of “Stand Up” that still comes to a full boil, from a 2009 show in Columbus, OH.

Flobots know how to burn up even the most intimate venue, but I for one could stand to brush up on my survival skills. Here’s a fascinating lesson on how to build a fire you don’t need to manage, the next best thing to a perpetual motion machine in my book.

With the leisure time you’ve freed up with that nifty fire (at least ’til your complacency contributes to a conflagration), you’ll be able to learn to play “Through The Fire And Flames” on your cell phone.

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Deep Threes Radio #3 Playlist

An Almost Empty Times Square

Even when the place seems desolate, Times Square pounds the senses with disparate lights, sounds and smells. In this show, Giorgio Moroder’s drum machines send us toward a virtuoso performance from percussionist Evelyn Glennie.  Duke Ellington puts a classical cherry on top of a chocolate coated pile of current releases.

Track Name ArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Evil PlaygroundFront Line AssemblyFlavour of the Weak
Juke-Joint Jezebel (Poly-matrix X-Tended)K.M.F.D.M.Juke-Joint Jezebel: The Giorgio Moroder Mixes
Metal On MetalKraftwerkThe Mix
The Darkest CorridorsIn Strict ConfidenceHoly
Creamy CenterPeter Epstein & Idée FixeAbstract Realism
Dragon FlyAvery Sharpe TrioLive
Walkin' UpBill EvansAt The Montreux Jazz Festival
The Primal FireShirley SawatzkyAdventures of Piano Woman
Cauberghs: HalasanaEvelyn Glennie, Philip SmithDrumming
The Maids of CadizSeattle Repertory Jazz OrchestraSRJO Live
2nd Hour
Till You Go Too FarCandye KaneSuperHero
Strange Fruit (Live)Jeff BuckleyLive At Sin-é
This is the Age of Investigation Poetry and Every Citizen Must InvestigateEd SandersThe Dial-A-Poem Poets: Totally Corrupt (1976)
Men Of Good FortuneLou ReedBerlin: Live At St. Ann's Warehouse
Gimme DangerIggy & The StoogesRaw Power (Legacy Edition)
No ExpectationsCowboy Junkies'Neath Your Covers, Part 2
Broken SkinGraham ParkerImaginary Television
From A Sinking BoatThe Magnetic FieldsRealism
MarzJohn Grant with MidlakeQueen of Denmark
Sugar Rum Cherry (Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy)Duke EllingtonThree Suites (Nutcracker Suite)
Nothin' Else Can Taste That WayNasty NedRoots 52
BustedPeter ParcekThe Mathematics Of Love

Thanks for listening!

Photo: Brandon Watts CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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Stargazing To Electronica – The End Is Near

This video turns the notion of stargazing as a low-key pursuit on its ear. Planet X is a whole new ballgame with a heart-pounding dance track.

We get an industrial-grade groove out of the way early in Deep Threes Radio #3 and press on to the refined sounds of The Magnetic Fields. Here’s a clip from a 2004 show in merry old Cambridge.

Now that your mind is right, here’s a friendly reminder that the end is near. More later, four guys on horses are in my yard…

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Emerging From The Creamy Center

Deep Threes Radio #3 emerges from the “creamy center” of the first hour with jazzy excursions with pianist Bill Evans and the Avery Sharpe Trio. Here’s video from last year of the trio performing John Coltrane’s homage to bassist Paul Chambers, “Mr. PC”.

Let’s step back in time to the 1978 Umbria Jazz Festival and checkout Bill Evans delivering one of his signature pieces, “Nardis”.

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