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Tune In To Down Under Blues, Drop Out With Family

Australia’s bass playing Blues siren, Anni Piper, favors us with a ballad about hand-to-hand contact exercises on Deep Threes Radio #9. It’s a martial arts thing. Really.

Anni graduated from university with a music degree at 19 and quickly blazed a path to the top ranks of the Blues scene Down Under. Here’s two videos from Anni’s live shows. First, “The More I Keep Losin'” then she sashays into her “Hitchhiker’s Shuffle”.

Akron/Family took a path toward blending folk and experimental influences that defies words. The band’s official history is told with pictures. We’ll hear a track from last year’s Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free on show #9. “Everyone Is Guilty” according to the band, onstage at SXSW 2009.

In 1970, guitarist Peter Walker gathered a group of musicians for recording sessions at the Woodstock, NY home of Levon Helm. The tapes wound up in storage until their release last year as Long Lost Tapes 1970, around the same time as more recent house party sessions by the Black Crowes and Helm himself.

Shortly after the Woodstock session, Walker started devoting more time to his family. His early Eastern influences evolved into a study of Flamenco styles. Peter breaks down a Flamenco piece in scolarly fashion in this 2006 performance in Eureka, CA.

Peter explains one of the finer points of Eastern musicianship in this grainy video from an intimate 2009 UK show.

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Deep Threes Radio #8 Playlist

Almost every visitor to the ultra-swank Deep Threes radio studio, casino and lounge says, “It’s uncanny how much this place reminds me of the Pakistan Pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai, open now until October 31st!” Indeed, it’s as if the entire enterprise were financed by the country that brought you the 2008 Summer Olympics, or the ill-gotten gain of a slick investment scam.

This edition of Deep Threes chills out with a veritable pyramid scheme of jazz and classical influences with a big payoff going straight to your ears. The musical portfolio is diversified enough to withstand any sudden downturns.

During the second hour, our musical mojo sets sail on the Nile at sunset for a voyage that takes us to where we belong. Each of us hopes that our life’s journey will not take us to prison. But even infamous Ponzi scheme swindler Bernie Madoff is still acting like a king.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
L'estiu (The Summer)Planeta ImaginarioBiomasa
Ellison: Invocation - Meditation - Allegro - III. AllegroMichael EllisonInvocation
TikiThe Waitiki 7New Sounds Of Exotica
Jete D'LoMark WeinsteinAlgo Mas
Amb 7Pablo's EyeYou Love Chinese Food
Daugherty: Sunset Strip I. - 7 pmNorth Carolina SymphonyAmerican Spectrum
Catlett Outta The BagMike Clark (Featuring Lenny White)Carnival Of Soul
Long Time No SeePat Metheny / Ornette ColemanSong X
BebaSteve ColemanHarvesting Semblances And Affinities
2nd Hour
Nile SunsetThe Darbuki KingsLawrence Of Suburbia
LonelinessHartley C. WhiteRun The Gauntlet
StayLonesome RomeosSeven Years In Bed
In The Place Of DreamsLutefiskDeliver From Porcelain: Theme And Variations
Pachelbel: Canon And Gigue For 3 Violins And Basso Continuo In D-MinorProgretto AvantiBaroque Illusions
AngelRobin McKelleMess Around
Arms Of The BluesBig John Dickerson & Blue ChamberArms Of The Blues
Red HelicoptersEighty Mile BeachInclement Weather
Late At NightEmmett WheatfallWhen I Was Young
I've Got My Mojo WorkingEddie BurkThis Old Road
I Know Where I BelongJoe BonamassaA New Day Yesterday
In AppreciationGeri Allen & TimelineLive

Thanks for listening!

Photo Credits:
beelaineo CC BY-NC 2.0
Michael Gwyther-Jones CC BY 2.0

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Jazzy Planet Full Of Imaginative Fusion

There are some lush flavors on the menu for Deep Threes Radio #8. The Waitiki 7 serve up a helping of New Sounds Of Exotica, the band’s second album. Their musical DNA is intertwined with percussionist Lopaka Colon’s family ties – the bird calls laid down by his father Augie were a signature of Exotica originator Martin Denny’s sound. Here’s a demo reel of the next generation of lounge music chirping.

Here’s The Waitiki 7 performing Denny’s “Voodoo Love” at the 2008 Wassermusik Festival in Berlin.

Jazz flute legend Mark Weinstein broke ground recording with Cuban rhythm sections in the 1960’s and fusing Brazilian, African and Jewish influences into his sound. We’ll hear a track from his 1995 release, Algo Mas.  Here’s a stripped-down 1999 performance of “O Nosso Amor” with guitarist Paul Meyers.

Life for jazz-rock fusion ensemble Planeta Imaginario revolves around their home base in Barcelona, Spain. Their Biomasa album is generously flavored with found sound and a dash of sampling. Here’s a live performance of “El jardin de las vacas allegres”

The band took their name from the 1980’s Spanish TV show that chronicled the fantasy world of a teenage girl and her imaginary friend. Here’s two clips that will give you an idea of what the show was all about, or leave you permanently warped if you are self-medicating.

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Play With North Carolina Symphony In My Mind

The 72 musicians of the North Carolina Symphony under the direction of Grant Llewellyn serve their home state with over 175 performances each year, including 40 in schools.

We’ll hear a piece from their American Spectrum project on Deep Threes Radio #8. John Dancy of UNC-TV provides a glimpse of the orchestra behind the scenes in this first video.

Americana siren Tift Merritt came back home to perform with the Symphony in 2007. Here’s their rendition of her signature song “Tambourine”.

James Taylor appeared with the North Carolina Symphony and offered up his homage to the Tarheel State (and their neighbor to the south), “Carolina In My Mind”.

The orchestra reaches beyond the traditionalal boundaries of classical music to perform pieces with merit, regardless of their original purpose. Here is an outdoor performance of the “Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross Medley” from Play! A Video Game Symphony, complete with rainfall and a rowdy gamer in the crowd.

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