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Deep Threes Radio #11 Playlist

Ah, the fabulous American lifestyle. People flock from around the globe to absorb the majestic wonder of a great civilization.

We are truly a nation chocked full of glamour and sophistication. Our large cities are a mecca for tourists and newcomers, all seeking to capture a piece of the American dream.

But is that affable neighbor speaking all too perfect English just another of the B-52’s “Shiny, Happy People” or an agent of a foriegn power, deeply embedded in our society, methodically gathering the details needed for their masters to wreak havoc on our fleet of B-52s, and ultimately our very way of life. The picture within the picture can tell a shocking story…

Take this photograph for example. It may seem like a random shot of a typical afternoon on a typical downtown street. But on closer examination, we see a logo superimposed on the rear window. That’s right! This image is actually a secret message, delivering the news that the Los Angeles Lakers have not won a game since they provoked widespead rioting on June 17th.

There is no stegnography or radiographs hidden in this edition of Deep Threes. Just pretty songs about birds and sunshine. And the latest data on the effect of the moon’s gravity on missle navigational devices. Happy stuff.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
UnitedAlvin QueenMighty Long Way
Rhythm Of CornersFahir AtakogluFaces & Places
The Community Is RelievedDavid ClarkKindly Curious Tales
TriosityHoward LevyTonight And Tomorrow
Lay It DownLee Ritenour's 6 String Theory6 String Theory
The Answer (Featuring Zack Freeman)TuMan ProductionsThe Radio Alchemist
FunkopolisDie WarzauVinyl 88
SangarediArt Ensemble Of ChicagoTribute To Lester
From Now On (Live - Acoustic)STS9Axe The Cables
Tiny OxenThe Bronzed ChorusI'm The Spring
2nd Hour
Save The BirdsHis Name Is AliveHome Is In Your Head
The Funny BirdMercury RevDeserter's Songs
Blue JayDoug CarrollAnimal Sounds
Shapes Falling DownMarc BerracaSubterrane
The Farther One Travels...Deborah Schmit-LobisWhen The Sun Turns North
Waterfowl 2Doug CarrollAnimal Sounds
BuffetWe Have BandWHB
Bird Of PreyThe DoorsAmerican Prayer
Bridget RileyDeath By ChocolateZap The World
SunshineThe PrimitivesThe Primatives
SunshineJaki ByardSunshine On My Soul
SunsetAllen GinsburgThe Lion For Real
Xiyang Xiaogu - Flute & Drum At SunsetWu Man & EnsembleChinese Traditional & Contemporary Music
Pull Of The MoonThe MermenFood For Other Fish
East Of The Sun, West Of The MoonCyrus ChestnutEarth Stories

Thanks for listening!

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Ten More Minutes, Just Ten More Minutes!

Zack Freeman is known on the Denver and New Mexico music scenes for his beatboxing and a capella skills. One day, he hung a sampler around his neck and found a voice for his social commentary. We’ll hear a collaboration with TuMan Productions off The Radio Alchemist on Deep Threes Radio #11.

Zack layers improvised loops during his solo shows. In this clip, Regis Philbin gets a quick rundown of how it’s done before being seranaded on the first season of “America’s Got Talent”.

Here’s a full-length example of how it all flows. The second number, “Tell No Lie” is from TuMan Present Zack Freeman.

How about giving up about 10 more minutes for The Art Ensemble Of Chicago and their 1982 show in Warsaw, as recorded by Polish television.

Hey, check out 10 minutes of Sound Tribe Sector Nine, a.k.a. STS9, at Wakarusa last month. We wrap up the first hour of #11 with something from Axe The Cables.

This is like hitting the snooze button, but in reverse. May you have another 10 minutes please? How about “Walking The Peach” with modern day psychedlic surf rockers The Mermen…

That ended in the middle of a good dream. Don’t snap to yet. Here’s 10 minutes of drummer Alvin Queen pounding away on “Seven Steps To Heaven”. Also available in the handy 7 minute version.

We’ve gotten this far – give me an hour to stop! Let’s wind it down with “Body and Soul” featuring Cyrus Chestnut on piano…


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Wu Man Is A Pip(a), Ginsburg Comes Clean

 You’ll hear some traditional Chinese music for watching the sun go down on Deep Threes Radio #11. Wu Man talks about the confluence of musical traditions in her homeland, and breaks down some of the basics of playing the pipa.

Allen Ginsburg may be best remembered for his poems that skirted the boundaries of obscenity, but he could work clean – for about a minute or so, as you’ll hear on the show. Woah!

This rarely seen clip of an interview Ginsburg gave in 1972 comes from the vaults of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

We’ll also hear a song from Turkish pianist and composer Fahir Atakoglu’s Faces & Places. Meet the band at this 2001 rehearsal.

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Stringing Together Sight And Sound With A Hint Of Cheese

Guitar great Lee Ritenour teamed up with an all-star lineup for the new 6 String Theory. We’ll reconcile playing only one track on Deep Threes Radio #11 by trotting out this video of “Captain Fingers”.

String Theory is a deep subject, with or without guitar strings. It took no less a personage as Wero The Great to bring us the big picture in a two minute video. Note the cutting edge animation. Dude, how did you get those slides to flip that way?

The vlogging siblings of Sister Salad united to offer their own musical take on strings. No word on any future projects involving rope. The time lapse photography gives you a chance to fill in the blanks.

Art rock veterans Mercury Rev lent a track from 1998’s “Deserter’s Songs” to the Deep Threes mix. Hazbeeni strung together this animation evoked by “Goddess On A Highway.” Spoiler alert: the bunnies unite at the end…

Marc Barreca united video art with some of the electro-acoustic pieces on his latest for the Palace of Lights label, “Subterrane”. Here’s the results of Marc reconciling the visual and aural of “Alien In A Strange Land” (in stunning 1-D).

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