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Everything’s Kabooming Kablooms For Spring

Pulling up the obscurities is all in a day’s work at Deep Threes Radio. For Show #5, we rooted out a track from the 1992 album Ka-Bloom! from pseudo-psychedelic rockers Flowerhead. Here’s a video for the single “Snagglepuss” that might leaf you wondering what was growing in the video editor’s garden…

This next video brings the images evoked by “kAbloom” into the present with the latest editing tools and an ambient chill reverberating through the air.

Flowerhead withered in 1995, going on a hiatus they have yet to return from. Their music, however, blooms anew in the communal imagination of a new generation of fans. Vlogger Dednyz explains how she turned on and tuned in.

If there are any square parents left out there, stop worrying about your kids experimenting with iMovie, then getting hooked on mainlining Final Cut. Remember the alternative, Katy Kaboom…

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Amp Fiddler Simmers, Mississippi Heat Cooks

Detroit-born keyboardist and producer Amp Fiddler funked it up with Parliament/ Funkadelic for over a decade. We’ll groove to a long track from his Afro Strut album on Deep Threes Radio #5. This video of a smoldering BBC Live performance of his 2003 UK hit, “I Believe In You”.

We’ll also hear a new track from Chicago-based blues group Mississippi Heat, off their ninth album, Let’s Live It Up. The next video is a documentary short that takes you backstage with the band. Then, a live performance in Belgium from 1994.

Of course, the heat in Mississippi can be sweltering. The average highs in Jackson, the state capital, creep into the 90’s in July and August. Here’s pictures of a proud mom recording her daughter braving high temps to work her hula hoop.

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Esther Doesn’t Turn Up Nose At Raw Toast

Ever “wonder” what Ideal Bread looks like? The Brooklyn-based jazz group who carry that moniker is adept at dodging the lenses of our usual suspects, but we’ll hear one of their Steve Lacy covers on Deep Threes Radio #5.

So as not to deny you a serving of video, here’s a quick and easy substitute. Raw Toast! – the fresh new bread alternative.

But can the Soft Machine survive on raw toast alone? That is a question left unanswered in this clip from a circa 1970 documentary on the pioneering prog-rock band who took their name from William S. Burroughs’ code for the human body.

Recordings from a 1973 Soft Machine session at the NDR Jazz Workshop have just been released. Gear up to take some of it in on Deep Threes Radio #5. To hold you over, here’s a live rework of “Esther’s Nose Job” from 1970.

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Deep Threes Radio #4 Playlist

Fluffy clouds can turn dark and scary in an instant.

A Wall Street trader mistakenly placed an order for $16 billion of stock last week, sending stock prices into a brief but dramatic nosedive. I ordered 16 billion MP3’s for this edition of Deep Threes. Now my debit card has a negative balance. I’m selling off some stock to cover it.

A group called Anti-Social Music joins hands with classically influenced rockers on one side and avant-garde jazz cats on the other.  Karma, voodoo, waivers and selling one’s soul also figure into this week’s sets. I employed all of those tools to secure the bandwidth needed to download my MP3 order.

May all your (storage) clouds be big and puffy.

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
By The Time You Get This MessageFlobotsSurvival Story
Six For New TimeSonic YouthGoodbye 20th Century
BrokenAphorism_15Anti-Social MusicFracture: The Music Of Pat Muchmore
AirBobby HutchersonComponents
Milk 97TarpighMonsieur Monsoon
P.I.G.S.Holy F***Latin
Abject ManipulaorSolarusCrystallized
Map 23StillpointSolar: A Music Travelogue Volume One
Nothing Behind The FaceHenry RollinsRollins Speaks
MeltawayDieter MobiusBlotch
Joy Of The Water SpiritsSayamaSacred Healing Water
2nd Hour
Children Of The NightArt Blakey & The Jazz MessengersThree Blind Mice Vol. 1
Back To EarthSyntopia QuartetMars
The WaiverThe Twin CatsThick
Sell My SoulSylvesterSell My Soul
A Woman's CloudsThe Leaving TrainsThe Big Jinx
Carolyn Plays GuitarThe DugansLead Into Gold
Karma Teeth One Brick DownTribalcore Leader
ZooblastUltrlydChromosome Gun
Voodoo LadyWeenPaintin' The Town Brown
Bye Bye BlackwellWellstone ConspiracyMotives

Thanks for listening!

Photo Credit: AlHikes_AZ CC BY-NC 2.0

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Gratuitously Doctored Humane Letters

With many university campuses in a whirlwind with final exams and graduation ceremonies, it seemed like a good time for a roundup of videos that represent the finest from inquisitive minds the world over.

Venerable krautrock and ambient virtuoso Dieter Mobius has provided a wealth of musical inspiration to his many fans. We’ll hear a rack from his new solo effort, Blotch, on Deep Threes Radio #4.

First up, Dutch artist and video producer Marlene Angeja uses the Cluster song “Rosa” as the music bed for an exploration of “nostalgia for the lost landscape.” Marlene includes archival films of a 1957 volcanic eruption on Faial Island in the Azores. The physical and economic aftermath sparked a mass migration off the island.

Next, a group of students from Sweden’s University of Skövde gives us this animated video set to Dieter’s 1983 lo-fi classic “Contramio”. He was chiptune when chiptune wasn’t cool…

Now that you’ve seen those rockin’ animated Mobius strips, you’re just dying to learn how it’s done, right? Kitefrog is happy to oblige. In ten minutes of your life you will never able to get back, he offers his own paradigm busting techniques for rolling your own from the depths of his (a) lab.

The heck with it! Summer vacation is here and the Jersey Shore beckons many in search of a “situation”. The only Arts and Letters we give a damn about are “Letters To The Devil Inside”. Garden State metal rockers One Brick Down oblige. A track from Tribalcore Leader guides our descent into darkness during Deep Threes Radio #4…

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