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Having Friends Over For Highballs, Tex-Mex And Pasta

In honor of the trendy high-carb pasta diet that I just went on, I mixed my own little spaghetti western arc for Deep Threes Radio #16. Tara Linda’s Tortilla Western Serenade provided a saucy tune to hold the set together. Here’s a live version of “Muse’s Tango”.

Tara has grabbed a little of this and that from all the booths at the musical farmer’s market. She serves up her spicy Tex-Mex roots rock stew, and a steamy jazz/blues espresso, like “Sigue Adalante”.

Fresh button accordion is used in many of Tara’s dishes. Here’s an unplugged performance of “Mirabel”.

Violinist Joshua Bell strove for an intimate, cozy feeling for At Home With Friends. Yes, the title gives it away – sort of. Here’s Joshua with a behind the scenes look at the project.

Harry Partch depicted the life of Depression-era hobos in search of a home and a meal in his modern opera U.S. Highball. We’ll hear a piece from the Krono’s Quartet 2003 recording during the show. Here’s David Harrington speaking about U.S. Highball before a live performance last year.

Here’s some lighter fare for your eyes to feast on that, like Tara Linda’s music, makes liberal use of spaghetti western flavors. First a cartoon from BF Cafe, then a short British student film – the accents give it away…

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High Calorie Music Satisfies Food Pyramid Requirements

We’re laying out a hearty jazz buffet for Deep Threes Radio #15, with a sideboard full of sweet rock, classical and electronic treats. Henry Threadgill serves up a delightful coconut dish from 2001’s Everybodys Mouth’s A Book, but there’s no doubt he’s still cooking up some innovative dishes. He’s backing Judith Sanchez Ruiz during an improv dance performance in the first clip. Then Henry is cooking up a storm in a fresh out of the oven performance from May of this year.

Virtuoso Rahsaan Roland Kirk didn’t need to cook with onions to draw a tear. In this 1973 clip, he serves up one of his staples, “Volunteered Slavery” in Bologna, Italy.

You simply can’t pass up the Ornette Coleman steam table. Be sure to heap some “Free Jazz” onto your plate.

Avant-garde sound artist Keisuki Oki treated us to a quick and easy popover during the show. He is also a member of Valve/Memberance. Watch them bring a studio to a slow boil with this piece…

Ethel raids a pantry of eclectic influences to bake their postclassical souffles. This profile proves that too many cooks do not spoil the broth…

Our local farmer’s market had a harvest of Yo La Tengo that we couldn’t pass up. Left to age in a cask until the dawn of the digital age, here’s “home video” that blazed the trail for today’s YouTube bedhead cover artists…

The teachable moment here is to always stick with it, gang – “You Can Have It All”.

Manicmiles tops the whole meal off by whipping up a delightful video parfait from stock footage and Yo La Tengo’s “Little Eyes”. Yummy!

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East Meets West In Colorful Black And White, Lo-Tech And Hi-Fi

Deep Threes Radio #14 features a genre-bending track from Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics. Dr. Miller is an ethnomusicologist well known for his research of Persian music. Here he talks about how he fused Eastern, jazz and psychedlic influences on his new album.

Chicago indie Industrial rockers Mahjongg beat a path westward on for us from their latest, The Long Shadow Of The Paper Tiger. The band takes us behind the scenes for a peek at their beer-proofed kit, followed by a video for “Aluminum” with its own take on the Middle East.

In another part of Chicago, The Streets On Fire burns up a performance space while some intense camera angles capture the featured video installation.

Sebstychy takes us to the dark side of their personal rainbow, dubbing black and white footage of Eastern folk dancing to “Color/Stereo” from TSOF’s This Is Fancy album.

We now set sail for far away islands, okay, technically New York’s Long Island, home to Brooklyn-based Foreign Islands and “It’s Not Alright” live.

There’s a distinctly “out west” feel in these two videos from perennial Canadian country rockers Blue Rodeo. “Smoking Gun”, written by band member Jim Cuddy to raise awareness about imprisoned activist Leonard Peltier.  “Arizona Dust” is an homage to a state where the band might find themselves caught in a round-up starting on the 29th.

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Changing Light Bulbs Aids Shoegazing And Nighttime Navigation

In a week filled with classical influences, Deep Threes #13 embraces Bitcrush’s steadfast adherence to the dogma of shoegazing. They have two new releases. Of Embers dares the listener to burn up a set of headphones while immersed in meandering jams. We’ll treat you to one of the remixes off From Arcs To Embers. Here’s an introspective video for “Colder”.

We’ll also hear underground space rock legends Alien Planetscapes take part in a Brian Eno tribute. The lighting on this video of Doug Walker’s improvised flute solo seems otherworldly. Have you ever woken up in the middle of the desert, engulfed by a beacon of light that quickly shot across the night sky? Try watching this clip with those dark glasses you inexplicable found in your shirt pocket…

Our show takes off on a good old-fashioned jet airplane piloted by Doug Neff, blasting a long track from his group’s eponymous Le Chat Electronique through your complimentary headphones. Here they are at a recent show in the cool clear light of day.

Incandescent Sky wraps up our last set by evoking a trip to a frozen continent. If you’re weak in geography you’ll just have to tune in to find out which one. The search algorithms took a strange turn, guiding us to this gum chewing sarcasm from the Light Safety Unit.

Our plan to take you deeper into the world of Le Chat Electronique was thwarted by a dirth of cameras at their gigs. The search gods saw fit to console us with the finer points of changing a light bulb.

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Two Classical Influences Times Three Artists Equals Four Videos

Ireland’s folk fiddler Kevin Scott and Portland’s own, guitarist Cal Scott, fuse folk and classical traditions on their new album, Suite. The duo will favor us with a folk tune on Deep Threes Radio #13. We’ll save a movement from The Irish Session Suite for next week. Tease.

Here’s Kevin and Cal playing a jig or two at a 2007 house concert. Then keep your feet moving to “Stella’s Waltz”, another song on their new album.

We’ll also hear from jazz saxophonist Jacam Manricks and his quartet, doing the math on the recent Trigonometry project. Here they are at a gig in Australia this past April.

Jacam is also known as a classical composer. Here’s the First Movement of his Chromatic Suite For Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra.

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