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Having Friends Over For Highballs, Tex-Mex And Pasta

In honor of the trendy high-carb pasta diet that I just went on, I mixed my own little spaghetti western arc for Deep Threes Radio #16. Tara Linda’s Tortilla Western Serenade provided a saucy tune to hold the set together. Here’s a live version of “Muse’s Tango”.

Tara has grabbed a little of this and that from all the booths at the musical farmer’s market. She serves up her spicy Tex-Mex roots rock stew, and a steamy jazz/blues espresso, like “Sigue Adalante”.

Fresh button accordion is used in many of Tara’s dishes. Here’s an unplugged performance of “Mirabel”.

Violinist Joshua Bell strove for an intimate, cozy feeling for At Home With Friends. Yes, the title gives it away – sort of. Here’s Joshua with a behind the scenes look at the project.

Harry Partch depicted the life of Depression-era hobos in search of a home and a meal in his modern opera U.S. Highball. We’ll hear a piece from the Krono’s Quartet 2003 recording during the show. Here’s David Harrington speaking about U.S. Highball before a live performance last year.

Here’s some lighter fare for your eyes to feast on that, like Tara Linda’s music, makes liberal use of spaghetti western flavors. First a cartoon from BF Cafe, then a short British student film – the accents give it away…

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