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Deep Threes Radio for 1/10/18

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Dining On JupiterDamon WildCosmic Path
30-55Ólafur ArnaldsEulogy for Evolution
The Kind Moon by Sara TeasdaleMichelle FurlongLibriVox Weekly Poetry Project - 5/14/17
ReconciliationAlexandre DesplatExtremely Loud and Incredibly Close: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
BlijJonas The PlugexpertLos
MinutesBenjamin ChadabeState Of The Union 2.001
Back In 5Four80EastRoll On
Freedom DanceBlue Note All-StarsOur Point Of View
JoshuaMiles DavisSeven Steps To Heaven
Playing With StonesRudresh MahanthappaSamdhi
Don't Let GoSteven PriceGravity
2nd Hour
AbsenceTadas Pasaravicius QuintetPieces
BirthRoly PorterLife Cycle of a Massive Star
One Minute For The SunD'InciseOne Minute For The Sun
Twisted bodiesBroken formWithin the layers of light
BajanoomCharles AmirkhanianWalking Tune
Arne Nordheim: EpitaffioOslo-FilharmonienMusique Électronique Norvègienne
Juxtaposition IIHarkan/HellionJuxtaposition
BaariaEnnio MorriconeBaaria
El Mar MediterraniRyuichi SakamotoCinemage
Across The LakeTemple VolantBellanca

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