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Deep Threes Radio for 3/22/17

Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Notorious "Z"Phil Markowitz & Zach BrockPerpetuity
Non-Sky Signal NoiseAnDCosmic Microwave Background
Digital ScratchCKZDim Shrewd and Innuendo
Coral CastleParker Abbott TrioThe Wayfinders
The Train of Life by Edmund GosseIan KingLibriVox Weekly Poetry Project - 9/28/14
Echo SounderMary Lattimore / Jeff Zeigler DuoSlant of Light
IllusionZvonimir NagyVestiges, Works for Solo Piano
SpacetrackFreddie HubbardThe Black Angel
Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost GhostsM83Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts
2nd Hour
The UnseenRichard Bliwas TrioNine
Doctor Of What?James Newton HowardThe Bourne Legacy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Chasing Luisa ReyTom Tykwer/Johnny Klimek/Reinhold HeilCloud Atlas - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
After The RaceVangelisChariots Of Fire - The Play
Shootout and Snowmobile ChaseMichael KamenDie Hard 2
Tomorrow Never DiesSheryl CrowTomorrow Never Dies
Saving New YorkJames HornerThe Amazing Spider-Man
The Mission Begins / Mission AccomplishedDanny ElfmanMen in Black 3
Shiva IIUtonShiva Blues

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