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Deep Threes Radio for 2/1/17


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Chasing LinesLewis PorterTrio Solo
Moonlight (Köln, April 2007)Ottmar Liebert & Luna NegraThe Scent Of Light
FCC Radio FrequencyVenthWarsaw
Selection from Paradise Lost (Eve)Veanne CoxPoetic License
AffectionRaumskayaSea Ost
Missing Tapes from a HighwayOddarrangIn Cinema
Analytical SymmetryAruán Ortiz TrioHidden Voices (feat. Eric Revis & Gerald Cleaver)
Dark AllianceDarcy James Argue's Secret SocietyReal Enemies
In Memory Of The Four WindsSteve PetersIn Memory Of The Four Winds
2nd Hour
In The GlubbMarc SarrazyIntranquillite
Verniform BurrowsDriftmachineRadiations
Circular Life, Square Godcls/rPseudolife
XianBob Vespaziani & Arthur BullYarrow
Miniver CheevyKen NordineWord Jazz: A Transparent Mask
BallerinaBiosphereSubstrata (Remastered)
The Cockpit (Extended) K. LeimerLand Of Look Behind (Remastered + Expanded)
The Big Sleep SuiteJerry FieldingJerry Fielding Film Music

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