Deep Threes Radio For 9/23/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Notorious "Z"Phil Markowitz & Zach BrockPerpetuity
Non-Sky Signal NoiseAnDCosmic Microwave Background
Digital ScratchCKZDim Shrewd and Innuendo
Coral CastleParker Abbott TrioThe Wayfinders
The Train of Life by Edmund GosseIan KingLibriVox Weekly Poetry Project - 9/28/14
Echo SounderMary Lattimore / Jeff Zeigler DuoSlant of Light
IllusionZvonimir NagyVestiges, Works for Solo Piano
SpacetrackFreddie HubbardThe Black Angel
Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost GhostsM83Dead Cities, Red Seas, and Lost Ghosts
2nd Hour
The UnseenRichard Bliwas TrioNine
Doctor Of What?James Newton HowardThe Bourne Legacy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Chasing Luisa ReyTom Tykwer/Johnny Klimek/Reinhold HeilCloud Atlas - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
After The RaceVangelisChariots Of Fire - The Play
Shootout and Snowmobile ChaseMichael KamenDie Hard 2
Tomorrow Never DiesSheryl CrowTomorrow Never Dies
Saving New YorkJames HornerThe Amazing Spider-Man
The Mission Begins / Mission AccomplishedDanny ElfmanMen in Black 3
Shiva IIUtonShiva Blues

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Deep Threes Radio For 9/16/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Moonshine TangerineJens-Uwe BeyerThe Emissary
TempestJustin KauflinDedication
North LakeRachel Chen, Henry Koek, Arnold CabottRHA
Leonard WilsonThe Workman's Dream by Edgar A. GuestLibriVox Weekly Poetry Project for 7/19/15
Edgar Meyer: Duet For Cello And BassYo-Yo Ma, & Edgar Meyer Appalachian Journey
Wise OneJohn Coltrane QuartetCrescent
VoodooBrian Carpenter's Ghost Train OrchestraHothouse Stomp: The Music of 1920s Chicago and Harlem
Phoenix SongSarah ManningDandelion Clock
Armageddon; A Really Big Web!Danny ElfmanSpider-Man 2 (Original Motion Picture Score)
Back HomeKnayz MishkinKut
2nd Hour
Anaesthesia Stage SixGoodman-Bordenave QuintetInverted Forest
OutroCosmic LetdownVenera
Electroacoustique Collage 2012.12.15 Mix 2015Peterson Ruiz a.k.a. ZIURMUZIKClasswar Karaoke - 0031 Survey
Prisms of Yellow Light Through My WindowThlaaflaOne Day Story
COI Technology PavilionJohn BakerThe Vendetta Tapes - Incidental Music From The 1960s BBC TV Series And Other Radiophonics
The Insects RefrainPsychic FrequenciesNursed Distractions
Prophecies on World EventsDanikenThe Descent
Cruel AttitudeNils Petter MolvaerHamada
AntarcticDecember NightskiesSongs From An Antarctic December Nightsky

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Deep Threes Radio For 9/9/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Berlin SkyBaltazanisEnd of Seas
Cold and ClearOleg XalerLightwaves
SilentVectrexThe Sound of Nature
3boxz. Feger & p. AllardBionicle
Suspended AnimationThe Circular RuinsTheir Subtle Purpose
Just Like YouTrent Reznor & Atticus FinchGone Girl (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
Prater Flags (RealityDan Mangan & Jesse ZubotHector And The Search For Happiness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Cells & BellsKarl Hyde / Brian EnoHigh Life
Coldness and DesperationStefano GiardinaireA Dark Tale
Lost Boys CallingRoger Waters and Ennio MorriconeThe Legend of 1900 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Polar MoonChristel VeraartPolar Suite
2nd Hour
Taivas on Sininen Ja Valkoinen (The Sky Is Blue and White)Juli Wood QuartetSynkka Metsa (Dark Woods)
Quixotes Of Moons Fight The Windmills Of BrixtonProject 5amQuixotes Of Moons Fight The Windmills Of Brixton
Warm YourselfJack CrawfordThe Oprichnki
We're Looking for a Lot of LoveHot ChipDifferent Every Time
For BappelMats DimmingBaengt
Esprit de MuseGary Peacock TrioNow This
There'll Be More Dreams To ComeNick FraserToo Many Continents
The KitchenMyra MelfordSnowy Egret
Spiritual ConvergenceElder OlivieraSound Interpretation: Reyjavik

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Deep Threes Radio For 9/2/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Shadow Remover (feat. Darius Jones)Federico UghiBefore the Songs
Live RoomTim HeckerVirgins
Sleep SeedsGraham BoleFirst New Day
With All My LoveMelanie De BiasioNo Deal
Second ConstructionRobert Hohner Percussion EnsembleIonisation
LastThe DorfEvil
Miss UnderstandingKamasi WashingtonThe Epic (Volume 2 - The Glorious Take)
We Feel The EchoesPolar BearSame As You
2nd Hour
EtherYves Rousseau QuartetAkasha
AtolloGiovanni FrancescaRame
Day DreamKenny Barron & Dave HollandThe Art Of Conversation
DindiFrancis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos JobimFrancis Albert Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim
Everyone Likes OrangesAbel KorzeniowskiPenny Dreadful [Original Television Series Score]
Vespers for a New Dark Age: III. Interlude 1 / IV. Come On All YouVictoire with Glenn KotcheMissy Mazzoli: Vespers for a New Dark Age
See-Line Woman (Masters At Work Remix)Nina SimoneVerve Remixed
Frames Of Static IIDread ColourNetwork Of Individualized Sonic Extremism
Baltang OrtSquarepusherDamogen Furies
Extended SonorityCollin ShermanExtended Sonority

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Deep Threes Radio For 8/26/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
UnityRoots MagicHoodoo Blues
Ace Of BananasAzurefluxPocket Boy
Penchant for OmissionFohkiTemple Geometry
Gangster WobbleBoss BassLove For Everyone Everywhere
My Bed of NailsAnthony Osborne and Ronny WaernesClasswar Karaoke - 0030 Survey
GPMatt RogalskyDiscipline: Till the Morning Shows Her Face To Me
Making it GlowClark Coolidge + Thurston Moore + Devin Waldman + Ambrose ByeTiny People Having a Meeting
Kashmiri Song by Laurence HopeLeonard WilsonLibrivox Weekly Poetry Project - 8/2/15
ScarecrowRobert SabinHumanity, Pt. II
HeatKronos QuartetHeat (Music from the Motion Picture)
Program AGora SouModular Environments For Home Listening
2nd Hour
Between The LinesMikael DeltaInner City Light
Forest BreakdownNainita Desai & Malcolm LawsThe Confessions of Thomas Quick (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Luminescence 3Thomas BucknerNew Music For Baritone & Chamber Ensemble
To Rivera'sJoe KraemerDawn Patrol (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
DuneWaxwingA Bowl of Sixty Taxidermists
Mvt. IX: This Land And The Ocean - Esta Tierra y El MarJazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Wynton MarsalisVitoria Suite
Afro-Cuban Jazz SuiteCharlie Parker with Manchito and His OrchestraSouth of the Border: The Verve Latin-Jazz Sides
Black Spider 2MogawiZidane: A 21st Century Portrait

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Deep Threes Radio For 8/19/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
AtchafalayaSnarky Puppy & Metropole OrkestSylva
Remedios the BeautyBill FrisellLookout for Hope
The Geographic North PoleLaurie AndersonThe Ugly One With The Jewels And Other Stories
AnthropoceneOZmotic & FenneszAir Effect
Curious Anecdote of a Sailor and a TulipCrystal PalaceCrystal Palace Plus Spontaneous Music Ensemble
Zither IStuart RussellResonances
Above The RoofsZero CultInside Out
Her Wild WaysJan GarbarekRites
MirandaBrad JonathanThe Sounds of Space
2nd Hour
Accumulated Gestures (feat. Justin Brown)RighteousGIRLSGathering Blue
Subproject 58The HostEsalen Lectures
MöbiusEril FjordExcalibur
Amiga on the LeftRichard JonasChecksum Errors
Behind WindowsJames PlaceLiving On Superstition
Episodes Eight and Nine Suite: Six Hundred Dead, Dad Failed, Kill Me, So Have I, Theresa SwingsCharlie ClouserWayward Pines (Original Television Soundtrack)
LionsIan HultquistAnimals (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
OpacitéDelta-Sleep-Inducing PeptideTemps Lumineux
TenebrionidaeJérôme PoirierFaunal Succession
Tail of the SnakeHodgeHEK025
667 CC (I)ChitinGliese

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Deep Threes Radio For 8/12/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Acupuncture OpeningsSteve ColemanSynovial Joints
Head CleaningPhono GhostsChrome Position
The Belfry Pigeon by N.P. Willis / On the Shore by Susan CoolidgeCaitlin BuckleyLibriVox Weekly Poetry Project
Revenge of Banana JoeChristoph SchindlingGlitchy Funky Goodness
DichotomieChristian ClozierLettre A Un Demoiselle / Dichotomie / Petite Suite / D'Une Multitude En Fete
Secure the Galactic PerimeterMichael FassbenderFrank (Music and Songs by Stephen Rennicks)
DriftMica LeviUnder The Skin (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Take the Target OutAlexandre DesplatSyriana: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
TimestepsWendy CarlosA Clockwork Orange
Hacking / CuttingBen Salisbury & Geoff BarrowEx Machina (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Gotham: Part IIAurora OrchestraMichael Gordon: Gotham (Live)
DescendantsBrian KolaczkowskiWithdrawal
2nd Hour
Abandoned Mall UtopiaHeathered Pearls feat. Shigeto Body Complex
Ladies in MercedesSteve Swallow, Ohmad Talmor SextetL' Histoire Du Clochard: The Bum's Tale
Saeta / Pan PiperCristina Pato & Edmar CastañedaMiles Español - New Sketches of Spain
High AtlasKent SparlingRoute Canal Diary
PendulumSonic YouthGoodbye 20th Century
One MorningAustralian Ballet SchoolInstead Of A Letter
Visions, Part 1: MystèreToru Takemitsu, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony OrchestraMusic From Nature
I Need YouJames Newton HowardThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire [Original Motion Picture Score]
Not Like the Train SetJohn OttmanSuperman Returns [Music from the Motion Picture]
The Joy of CreditsMichael GiacchinoInside Out (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Deep Threes Radio For 8/5/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Ecstasy in a Sad LandscapeThomas BergeronSacred Feast
Rain GentlyEluviumNightmare Ending
A Mesh You Are InJuan Antonio NietoBig Mistake
Contrapunctus Versus ContrapunctusJorge AntunesSavage Songs: Early Brazilian Electronic Music
"Any Fool Can Get Into An Ocean..." by Jack SpicerHarriet HarrisPoetic License
PyrrhicJulianna BarwickNepenthe
Great Kills Beach, Staten IslandAnnea LockwoodA Sound Map of the Hudson River
RaindropsSimon Kanzler's Talking HandDialogue
The Drum Also WaltzesMax RoachDrums Unlimited
The Possibilitiy Of Other SomewheresMiles CilettiLong Days And Monster Nights
Elixir SuiteMax Roach Double QuartetBright Moments
ObsidianJohn CarpenterLost Themes
2nd Hour
The MendingJoshua Redman and The Bad PlusThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman
Radio AltitudeIonosphereNightscape
HammerCliff MartinezDrive (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Subfall (to)Kara-lis Coverdale & LXVSirens
AnimalBanabila & MachinefabriekError Log
The Air at NightRachel GrimesThe Clearing
Song of Insecurity (Senses Of Insecurity)Maya AngelouBlack Pearls : The Poems of Maya Angelou
Always Leave Them (Wanting More)Kris Davis InfrasoundSave Your Breath
Solitary MoonEarlyguardSolitary Moon

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Deep Threes Radio For 7/29/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
Uh-UhSonic Liberation FrontJetway Confidential
Hit Me Somebody (Help Me Somebody Remix)MrBiggsOur Lives In The Bush Of Disquiet
ShatteredPinklogikRandom Access Memory
Pont (Bridge)Marc de BlanchardSerenade
LUX 2Brian EnoLUX
Food ChainLisa Gerrard & Marcello De FrancisciSamsara (Soundtrack)
Digital SurveillanceKristin NordervalAural Histories
RiseHans ZimmerThe Dark Knight Rises
Quiet NowDenny ZeitlinSolo Voyage
2nd Hour
Everyday MusicJon Balke and BatagrafSay And Play
Anat's DanceAnat CohenClaroscuro
Nature BoyLou Pallo & Steve MillerThank You Les: A Tribute To Les Paul
SandJacob Andersk & Chris SpeedGranular Alchemy
BlueJohn ZornElegy
HenenenawayThe Panoply AcademyRah!
The Boom and the BapPowerplant24 Lies Per Second
Modul 47Nik Bärtsch's RoninLive
One As OneKoalipsThe Compilation Of Modern Sleeping

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Deep Threes Radio For 7/22/15


Track NameArtistAlbum
1st Hour
ShmerlsMario Castro Quintet/StringsEstrella De Mar
Zazpiak Bat (feat. André Charlier & Jean-Michel Charbonnel)Jean-Marie EcayGemini Mode
Julia NiedermaierSunset in the Tropics by James Wheldon JohnsonLibriVox Weekly Poetry Project - 8/10/14
Holocene ShoresAbove, Convenience Store!Vermilion Concord
Main ThemePink FloydMore (Original Film Sountrack) [Remaster]
Flowing the Light of the GodheadJozef Van Wissem/Jim JarmuschThe Mystery of Heaven
The Dance of the SabreThe Bilderberg Jazz ArkestraThe Habsburg Conspiracy
La Salida De LimaGustavo SantaolallaThe Motorcycle Diaries (Soundtrack)
Movement 6b: EarthWelcome WizardRust
Farewell BluebirdBrian BladeLandmarks
2nd Hour
Paris Swallowtail (feat. Eugène Chadbourne)1000Butterfly Garden
Spider DiagramKent Carter, Gianni Lenoci & Bill ElgartPlaything
Stefan Wolfe: Enactments For Threes Pianos: I. ChantAnne Chaberlain, Cheryl Seltzer, Joel SachsEnactments / From Here On Farther / Second Piece For Violin Alone
Last DropsAnanda GariT-Duality
The Way It MovesZane BruneDark Night Light Terror
BirdsM83Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts
MantraEveryday DustSomnium EP
FlarepathNuclear WhaleThe Looming Machine
The SummonSpacecraftHummel

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